It's notfrom the CD "conXious"

It’s not

If I had just know this
A few days before
If I had trusted
Trusted my senses a little more

If I had just worried
A little less about
Casualties and selfishness
You would have passed all alone
But with the feast of tenderness and love

It’s not that there was too much unsaid
Not that there was anything unforgiven
Not that we didn’t have our time
It’s not that I’m feeling less
Although life belongs to the living
Although I behold what you have given
It’s not, no it’s not

If I had just asked you
A few days before
To tell me all about your life

Your grandchildren playing round you
While you tell the stories
I try to remember so hard

And when I first saw you
I was too nervous to
I didn’t know
That I wouldn’t have the chance to say
But when I last saw you
I was to restless to sit down
I was to restless to
Just say goodbye