Negotiationfrom the CD "conXious"


Again it could have been much easier
I tried to break it down

But nothing ever happens
Confronted with necessity
Nothings seems to practice
Nothing, but a threat

Again I’ve been charged for a hesitance
I admit miscalculation

Oh it was so embarrassing
It was the painful truth
Nothing gained and nothing lost
But some precious time

Two times yes may mean no
Three times here means slow
Means not letting you know
Means letting go
Means not here and now
Negotiating ‘till the end of the line

Again it is coming over me
The winter of two worlds

Somebody does not want me to grow
But the warm rain
And the warming sun
Tells me ‘bout the coming spring

Again it could have been much easier
But I wasn’t that bad at all

This is what separated us
Now here we stand
We’re not afraid of side
Or of one-way-streets