Apparentlyfrom the CD "conXious"


Brother, we are bound together
Apparently, in the way our parents were
Fighting, but there is something special
About us, let us appear unstoppable

I did you wrong
You didn’t care for me
But we hold on strong
‘Cause we’re unbreakable

Son, I could not preserve our family
Apparently from breaking apart
Childhood, I tried to keep you safe
From consequences, took me draw by draw

I try my best
Some kind of salvation
You grow up fast
And you can always count on me

Father, look at would you done to me
Apparently you could have done better
Broken glass, cuts on pale skin
A guitar brakes on the floor

You did me wrong
Never cared for us
I turned away
But something stayed with me

Still a lot to do
Still some kind of youth
Captured by the unforgiven