The Worst Is Over Yetfrom the CD "Never Before / Never Again"

I was intact or at least I remember it this way
I was intact a few seconds ago but now I fall astray
I can’t explain, why my feeling change like a kaleidoscope picture
Falls into a frame, and leaves me nothing but
Unstable beauty

I was in love at the break of dawn, yesterday
Now questions and reason took this pain away
A little too fast, for lasting acquaintance
She drew me too close, so I drew up my wall
She’d better let me lose or let go

All amounts of hope
All moments of desperate despair
Are not put to waste
Even if we fail
And literally drown
The worst is over yet

I was tall, I was a dwarf, I was fat and thin
I was erased and detected, a few times infected
I was angry, and I never were calm
I am a genius, or just a little faster that the best of all

I do feel love more than anybody else