don't fear the darkfrom the CD "Between Arrival and Departure"

if i could open my eyes
only for a moment,
and then close them,
keep them shut for ever,
i'd hope, i would see your face,
your face in the morning
your shinig eyes would
brighten up
the endless nights

if my ears should fail tomorrow,
and refuse to hear
all the noise
hope you be there,
you wont leave me alone
before my deafening,
i wish to hear you singing:
don't be afraid
as long as i am with you

don't fear the dark,
don't be afraid of silence,
don't fear the dark,
fear nothing at all

and if i had to realise, that
tomorrow all my memories
would be gone
forgotten and done
when you would tell me,
we will fall in love
every new day
i would lie down eased
and quiet

if i could open my eyes
only for a moment
than be blinded for ever
and if there was only air
for one last breath
i'd give it away for your kiss
fear nothing at all ...