portrait of a loverfrom the CD "Portraits"

Now you know me, in full length and cinemascope
in giving and taking, flesh and bone

my strength as a daily saviour, as a shoulder to lean on
what you call indecision, is my inability to learn

fundamental crazy spin, relativity in mind
who wants to give everything, needs infinite love
broken hearts not by mistake, in winters cold embrace
in the need of change, in the need of change
my jealous heart roars like a lion
while we tame each other, lay our weapons down
new perspective turning upside down
inside out, but darkness never turns to light

portrait of a lover

monumental estimation, glowing demand
the need of global truth, lack of resistance

I can see you looking over edges, I don't even want to know
I tear you back, into the warm cage I built for you
I will not shut its door, you are always free to leave
in the change of view, in the change of mind