weakfrom the CD "Portraits"

The scenery now definitely changes
weak strong weak and than fading
you the helping hand all of your life

your hands now are trembling
you are getting tired
you are getting tired, tired and confused

I was in that war, that inhuman war
how could I reject from the machine
Italy and Finland, Norway and France
always a hero for good
even where there are no heroes

so much love in my life I had it all
honestly and faithful
sometimes a fool, sometimes a liar
I helped where I could
and never expected anything in return

I was the trouble-shooter, all my life long
I solved all the problems that haunted me through my time
but this time it is different

I lived without god and his strange kind of humour
and I stood above politics
and I faced danger and I served my beloved
always there when I was needed

I am not scared, but a little frustrated
the gasp between will and power
still so much to give and not enough time
I don't want to leave so much behind

so much to give and not enough time

I was the trouble-shooter...