painfrom the CD "Portraits"

Pain is always faster, than you are
No matter how far you run, it always awaits you,
where you could not expect it
where you could not be prepared

A whole lifetime with it's ups and downs
and when you look back why does it look so sad
why do you only remember the sorrow and the pain

I know your life was not fair at all
I saw you shedding tears, in this years you had nothing to laugh
but at last someone saved your soul, someone saved you
but I know, yes I know

There is no god in heaven, there is no justice on earth,
if I only could believe in it, I would be so glad,
but the god ones have to pay the bad mans sins

You always believed that you were not cruel enough
and these wars can only be won by the cruel
but I hope you can forget the sorrow, you can forget the pain