momentary collapse (and touch of misery)from the CD "Portraits"

It is time to get off this feeling
I created in this years
time to brake through the ceiling
I built with all my fears

Momentary collapse and touch of misery
can not brake our conspiracy
the end of superstitious security
no one left to blame but you

Though I know it is my mistake
please don't accuse me
Yes I know it is my fault
please don't accuse me

I see the one I don't want to leave
understand everything she does
things turned out like we had never thought
and she tried to bury it all inside

I see her moving down the street
her eyes are occupied
by the mercy only she knows how to give
uneasy to realise

The course of a searcher is not straight
to many thing he finds to late
other things he finds to soon
and memories can not be erased