thoughts of a nightfrom the CD "Portraits"

Are you anything more, than just a copy of a vision
you created in a mood of self-deception
After the assault of doubt and greed and anger
against your golden, wooden, steel cold heart

Your touch is teasing, while your flattering words brake through
and like bubbles burst, as I try to catch them
I fail to save them in the proper file
hurt in my own dramatic way

You are really something special
in your conventional styles
You are really something special
do I really have to leave you to leave you behind

I'd like to hide in a hole of my own for a little while
cause I am not willing to stay a pretender
pretending that everything has to come to an sensfull end
so I am moving, so I am thrown out

why not be satisfied and grateful for what we got
the most difficult lesson, that is to learn
I'll be all right tomorrow, there just escapes a little sigh
than I'll be rushing out, and leave this thoughts of a night