About the Music...
Definitely in the tradition of the big prog-bands like Yes, Fates Warning and Dream Theater, the music of conXious lacks the bombastic keyboard arrangements, that go with this kind of music. It is pure guitar-rock, even if a little tricky and sophisticated, mixed with many other styles of music and influences.

The Members
Alexander Ghezzo (guitar)

Michael Ghezzo (drums)


For one night only the original Lineup from Neverbefore/Neveragain reunits.

Christian Wurm is the new voice for conXious, He is a trained opera-singer with natural rock tendencies.

First Album after 10 Years released in November: 'conXious' contains 12 songs


Michal Robert Piatek joins in Bass

Gigs with Andromeda, Pain of Salvation, Spock's Beard, Orphaned Land, Leprous and other Prog Heroes

Shows with Circle II Circle. Peter Prochazka joins on bass.

Early Highlight is the Prog Power Festival on the 25th of March with Vanden Plas and Neverdream. After this Ernst C. Zachs leaves the band. New bass-player is an old friend of the band: Thomas Kleinander.

conXious continue their mission to bring international Prog-Artists to Vienna. There is another show with Riverside and a gig with Subsignal featuring ex-members of Sieges Even. conXious support the BAnd Kottak of Scorpions drummer James Kottak.

Line up: Alexander Ghezzo (guit.), Ernst C. Zach (b.), Michael Ghezzo (d.), Michael G. Reiter (voc.).

New line up is Alexander Ghezzo (guit.), Christoph Tmej (b.), Michael Ghezzo (d.). First live-appearence was supporting 'KRAAN'.

More international Progstars followed the invitation by conXious: 'Spock's Beard', 'Pain of Salvation', 'Sieges Even', 'IQ'
After a intensiv time the line up Albert, Ina, Michael, Alexander split up and it wastime for a radical change.


The big learning from the gig with 'Arena' was that international Progbands had not enough promoters in Austria and espacially in Vienna. It was the right time to change this: conXious played the part as promoter for bands like 'The Flower Kings', ' Liquid Scarlet', 'Riverside' and soon there was no major Progband visiting Vienna without beeing supported and promoted by conXious


'Neverbefore/Neveragain' released in August
Line up: Albert Leibel (voc.), Alexander Ghezzo (guit.), Victor Gabriel (b.), Michael Ghezzo (d.)
For the CD-Presentation the Prog-Heroes from 'Arena' follow the invitation of conXious to play together on a special Progfest in Vienna at the 19 th of September 2005
Afterwards Victor left, and Ina Faerber rejoined the band

Albert Leibel gives conXious a new voice. First Gigs outside of Austria
'Between Arrival And Departure" released in September
Line up: Alex Ranic Dimoski (voc.), Alexander Ghezzo (guit.), Victor Gabriel (b.), Michael Ghezzo (d.)
'Portraits' released in March
conXious get attention of the international Prog-World from Europe to South America
First CD 'Studiodays' released in January
Line up: Clemens Faerber (voc.) Alexander Ghezzo (guit.) Marcus Kainz (guit./voc.), Ina Faerber (b.), Michael Ghezzo (d.)
conXious play through out Austria and establish their reputation as a exiting live-act
Alexander and Michael Ghezzo start conXious (first called Brainstorm, then Mindgallery)